Friday, August 31, 2007

Post Your Own Stories

Your Cab Guy loves to hear other people's taxi stories, and re-tell them for the delight of as many people as he can. But, in order to do this, I need you to send me your story!

This is not hard to do; simply e-mail it to me at:

The rules for inclusion of your story into the Cab Files are pretty simple:

  1. It is preferred that all names used in your story, except for your own, or a known public figure, be aliases, especially if other people in your story are depicted in a negative fashion. If you use the name of a public figure in your story, remember that libel laws, though relatively generous in this regard, still apply. If I think your use of the name of a public figure is problematic, I will ask you to change it to provide some cover. Thus, something like "Michael Jordan" might become "A well-known basketball player."
  2. Keep it fairly clean. This is not to say that "swear words" or "adult topics" are forbidden. If a particular word is truly necessary to the story, then go ahead and use it. As to adult themes, just make sure that they are not pornographic. We're all adults here (mostly, I guess) and common sense should prevail. Refer to the "Site Rules" if you need additional clarification.
  3. It's best if you write your story in the first person. I find that, in general, the first-person viewpoint is more engaging, and entertaining, for the reader. If you're not sure of what a "first-person" story is, keep in mind that these sorts of stories generally start out something like this: "There was this one time that I got into a cab in Phoenix..." The "I" indicates a story is being told in the first-person.
  4. Your story can be as long as it needs to be, but should be not be so long that the reader will become bored before the punchline. Use your own judgement. Keep in my that my stories are not always good exemplars of brevity: I'm subject to tremendous bouts of verbal diarrhea.
  5. If you want to repeat a story that appeared elswhere, please include an appropriate citation (such as the name of a magazine, book, newspaper, etc.; the author's name; and the date of publication). Stories found elsewhere on the Internet should be summarized, with a link to the site upon which it appeared.
  6. You grant Road Rage and Taxi Tales, and its owner(s) the right to display it on this site, and to use it, or excerts from it, to advertise or promote this site.

I look forward to reading, and sharing, your stories. Have fun!


The Cab Guy

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